CoreGD Features and Benefits

Feature Customer Benefit
Frequency Range: DC to 65 GHz (SSMP);
DC to 100 GHz (WMP, preliminary)
Broad frequency range covers a variety of applications today, as well as emerging needs of tomorrow, reducing overall cost.
Pitch: 4mm (SSMP); 2.5mm (WMP, preliminary) Test in dense environments and save PCB space with small pitch offerings.
Field Replaceable Save time and cost with quick and easy repair of damaged cable components in cable assembly
Simplified Pre-tinned SMT (Surface Mount Technology) Reduce mount install time of board connectors and associated costs
Innovative design overcomes push-on interface performance consistency Eliminates electrical length or phase variation under vibration, shock, or other movement, ensuring stable and reliable signals.
Multi-port Offering (2,4,6,8,10) including Stackable, Side-to-Side and Back-to-Back Selection of appropriate standard position loading reduces time to market and supports flexible designs driving to lowest cost solutions.
Available Configurations:
» Vertical Mount and Board-to-Board Stack
» Edge Mount (preliminary)
Availability of multiple configurations enables optimum performance at the lowest total cost.


CoreGD™ 2-position and 8-position connectors

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