When Signal Integrity and Density Matter

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies' (CarlisleIT) AltaVel family of open pin field High Speed Digital (>25 Gbps) Interconnect is optimized to provide scalability and reliability in dense, high mate/de-mate cycles applications. The broad family of connectors are available in the following configurations; Board to Board, Board to Cable, Cable to Cable and Cable to Panel. All configurations are available in the following styles; Vertical to Vertical, Right Angle to Vertical and Right Angle to Right Angle. These standard connectors are part of CarlisleIT's full lineup of cost effective, off the shelf and customizable interconnect solutions delivering superior signal integrity performance and value. This product available 1Q 2018.

Suggested Applications

  • High speed digital boards and systems
  • High speed digital HW and system verification
  • Defense and space
  • Network systems
  • Servers & storage – blade and rack mount
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Optical transport carrier grade optical
  • Wireless infrastructure

Download the CarlisleIT AltaVel Product Overview (.pdf)

Download the AltaVel Product Overview

AltaVel Product Overview

Our PDF product overview covers features and benefits, specifications and performance, and suggested product applications.
Click here for AltaVel technical specifications.

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