AltaVel Features and Benefits

Feature Customer Benefit
10,000 mate/de-mate cycles High signal integrity and reliability in a long life package ensures high performance and lower cost of ownership
Flexible, scalable design High capacity design provides multiple configurations, enabling optimum performance at lowest total cost
Size ranges from 40 to 200 pins; configurable in 4 rows by 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 columns
With or without metal shells Rugged/EMI housing option is a readily available option for applications used in extreme environments
Open pin field design Design allows for flexibility in routing and coding schemes, including: single-ended, differential pair, power, ground, and sideband signals
  Differential - 85 and 100 ohm
  Single ended - 50 and 75 ohm
Multiple impedance options ensures a solution to meet your application


Contact system (1), board-to-board with metal shell (2), and without metal shell (3) available

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